Products And Services

Despite our primary product being our AILED kits, we would like to also continually provide products for the crops we produce. With Cordyceps, we provide raw, dried Cordyceps Militaris. The raw materials we provide are both the standard strains and our proprietary “White Phoenix” strain. We can also assist in additional R&D for your specific product needs.

In addition to providing raw materials, we also have our own skin ointment. In the Taiwan market, we market this cream as a moisturizers that alleviates eczema and rashes. Also, our cream can help reduce the itching from mosquito & other bugs bites. Furthermore, the cream can reduce redness from long days of makeup use or persistent acne.

Infusing Taiwan’s famous teas with Cordyceps, our Cordyceps tea provides a great tasting way to consume Cordyceps. In our tea packets, it contains the whole Cordyceps fungus that can be wholly consumed. The Cordyceps tea can help alleviate stuffy nose symptoms and difficulty of breathing. Also, eating the entire fungus in our tea packets can help people gain the full benefits of Cordyceps.

By using the organic fermented medium, MeansGood stays true to our eco-friendly mission by meaning ensuring no part of our production process is wasted. We roast the medium to create another great tasting “tea”. The roasted fermented medium has a “chocolate-y” taste that provides the full benefit of Cordyceps.

The crown jewel of our products and services is our AILED kit. With our unique combination of low wattage & effective LED lights, integrated UV lights, and AI systems, our lighting kit is the perfect solution to sustainable indoor cultivation. As our kits are tailored for large-scale indoor agriculture operations, please contact our CMO, Chris at, to discuss how MeansGood can provide you a custom solution for your agricultural lighting needs.

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