About Us

MeansGood is a company that specializes in advanced agricultural biotechnologies. Our foundry is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Initially, our CEO, Gray Wei, sought out to find a solution to his children’s asthma. Since Western medicine is often too harsh on infants, Gray sought out the ancient Chinese herb, Cordyceps. While Cordyceps, with its bioactive ingredient, Cordycepin, is a powerful herb, wild Corydceps is incredibly expensive and filled with toxic heavy metals. Since the solution was neither economic nor safe, Gray, using his knowledge of agriculture, sought out to cultivate Cordyceps.

Not only was Gray able to cultivate Cordyceps with an unique and sophisticated LED system, him and MeansGood were able to forever change the Cordyceps industry. Because of our patented LED lights, we were able to drastically reduce energy costs. Furthermore, our integrated UV lights was critical in inducing the Cordyceps fungus to produce a Cordycepin count that was 100X the former market standard. Also, MeansGood was able to use our AI monitoring system to not only monitor growth, but track and maintain energy efficiency.

By replicating the same success we have had with Cordyceps, we want to expand our indoor agricultural technologies into other crops. In our latest foray, we have set out to utilize our lighting solutions on the marijuana plant. With success, this can help pave the way to additional, more mainstream indoor agriculture.

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