The MeansGood Story

From humble, yet proven origins.


MeansGood Agriculture originally started as a biotechnology firm specializing in rare Chinese herbs. Due to the availability of most herbs on the market being tainted with toxic levels amount of heavy metals, MeansGood sought to cultivate our own herbs in a controlled environment. By using our proprietary lighting and AI technology, MeansGood was able to grow a rare herb known as Cordyceps Militaris. With beautiful fruiting bodies that rivaled the best in the industry, MeansGood was also able to increase the bio-active ingredient count by 100 times.


Following our success with Cordyceps Militaris, we diversified our offerings to producing end-user products such as all-natural ointments. To this end, our ointment has become widely successful and gained several awards in Taiwan. Now, our ointments are known for their effective treatment for a plethora of skin inflammations.


Hoping to carry our success into other fields of the industry, MeansGood sought to utilize our lighting and AI technology for other crops. To this end, we made several pitches worldwide and began pilot projects with farms in North America for crops such as cannabis. Since introducing our services for other crops, we have gained global attention from large companies such as Foxconn to become a staple service for vertical farms.

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